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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This page provides links to selected FAQs and their answers. I also recommend that you visit the message board website Ukiyo-e Q&A where you will find more information about these and many other topics.


Ukiyo-e (Prints of the Floating World)
* What was the "Floating World"?
* What were the origins of ukiyo-e?

Making Japanese Prints
* How is a Japanese print made?
* What were the stages of printing?

Japanese Paper
* What type of paper was used for Japanese prints?

Editions and Impressions
* How many impressions were made of each print?
* How do you identify states or editions?
* What makes an impression good?

Inscriptions and Seals
* How do we interpret inscriptions and seals?

Authenticating Japanese Prints
* What is an original print?
* How do I know my print is an original?

Grading Japanese Prints
* How do you grade the quality of a print?
* What is my print worth?

Care and Repair of Japanese Prints
* How should I store my prints?
* How do you attach a Japanese print to a mat?
* How quickly do Japanese prints fade?
* Will UV glass protect my prints from fading?
* Can a glued print be removed from its backing?
* Will restoration increase the value of my print?
* What is foxing?

Genji-mon (Crests for the Tale of Genji)
* What are Genji crests?

Mitate-e ("Look and Compare Pictures")
* What are mitate-e?

Onnagata (Actors in the "Woman's Manner")
* Who were the onnagata?
* What was the history of the onnagata?

Metallic Pigments
* Were gold and silver used on ukiyo-e prints?

* What were sumptuary edicts?

* How were crepe prints made?

Tanka and Kyôka
* What type of poetry was used in ukiyo-e?

Harunobu hashira-e

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Viewing Japanese Prints
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