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Paul Binnie
Making a Print — Design, Proofing, & Final Printing


The illustrations below represent the four primary stages in Paul Binnie's creation of a print depicting the actor Ichikawa Ennosuke III in the role of the demon in the play Kurozuka.

  • Step 1: Original pencil sketch drawn from life, with notations for intended colors written in the left margin.
  • Step 2: Final ink sketch (hanshita-e), which survived the block-cutting process because a photocopy was made for pasting down and cutting through the hanshita-e into the keyblock.
  • Step 3: Printed proof from the keyblock with hand-applied colors.
  • Step 4: Impression of the completed print from the final edition. This final stage is the result of sixteen separate printing stages, which are illustrated at Color Separations. See also Keyblock.

1. Pencil Drawing + Color Notes (L)

2. Hanshita-e (ink)

3. Keyblock + Hand-applied Colors

4. Final Print (1997)

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